When I first met Mark 22 years ago we talked about working out. His answer was, “Anywhere, anytime!” and he was true to his word. At the time, my work schedule was insane, so we worked out anywhere from 5am to 11pm, at his training center, on location, at the beach, and at the Hollywood YMCA. We were cross training with weights, raquetball, basketball, tennis, mountain biking, hiking. His unrelenting commitment to health and body awareness, his imagination, creativity, and enthusiasm have shaped my life physically and mentally. His commitment became my commitment. My overall health is better today than it was 22 years ago when we started. I owe a large part of that to Mark.

Mark has a unique niche in the field of home gyms. When you take his engineering background and combine it with his architectural design skills, no one can match his knowledge or his aesthetic. He is obsessed with marrying the right design style for you and your home with customized, functional, durable, low maintenance equipment. With the exception of the kitchen I spend more time in my gym than in any other room in my house.

– Scott Bakula

You will LOVE working out with Mark Harigian!! His knowledge of human anatomy is vast–drop your worries about injuring yourself. His belief in embracing a healthy lifestyle is contagious. His uniquely designed fitness equipment maximize the benefits of your workout. His creative approach to exercising is fun and will make you look forward to what he has cooked up for you to do each time you enter his gym. His core philosophy of working your body til you reach your own personal muscle exhaustion will sometimes have you on your way after 30 or 40 minutes, and you’ll leave feeling refreshed, strong, and fully invigorated. I can’t sing his praises highly enough!!!!! Thank you, Mark, for being an inspiration to me and to many others. You rock!!!!!!!!!!

– Joan Allen

Mark. He’s the man!

– Shaq
NBA Basketball Player

Mark Harigian is THE MAN! Not only is he extremely knowledgeable about fitness, he is also a great guy to be around. Always positive, having fun and living life to the fullest, he inspires me to be a better person every time I am around him. Mark, thanks for being such an awesome person.

– Bubba McLean
2X NCAA All-Amercian
Olympic Trials finalist- Pole Vault
USC Film Student

Mark has changed my life. I have always been active and work out 5-7 days a week but Mark made my work outs more meaningful and directional and fun. He knows so much about exercise and body physiology that he custom designs a work out plan that is never boring, never repetitive and never a waste of time. From working out indoors, to working out in a gym, to working out in the outdoors to working out while on the road.

– Brian Kabateck
Top 100 lawyer in California

I have known Mark for a very long time and I am a huge fan! I first met Mark when I was competing as an elite athlete. He was a great supporter and trainer during my off-seasons when I had to focus on getting as strong as possible without losing flexibility or speed. In my life after sport, Mark has helped me think about the right exercises to do to counteract the long hours and heavy travel of my job. When my wedding came along, Mark is the person I trusted to help me work on my muscle tone and he also helped me rehab a shoulder injury. I could go on and on, but three things make Mark an exceptional trainer: 1) He understands body mechanics extremely well and he focuses on creating a balanced body, 2) He knows how to build muscle for explosive power and he knows how to sculpt for leaner lines, and 3) He knows when to push and he knows when to rest.

– Maryann Baribault Zeira
World Junior Luge Champion

I have known and worked with Mark Harigian for the past 20 years. He has single handedly transformed my body and my outlook on fitness and life. His technique not only yielded quick results, but now I find that I actually enjoy working out. Mark Harigian is my secret to looking and feeling my best.

– Elizabeth Cook
News Anchor
CBS San Francisco

Mark’s expertise not only benefits his clients, his expertise benefits health care professionals. As a physical therapist I have had the privilege of collaborating with Mark for several years. Following a course of physical therapy I encourage patients to continue with both fitness training and injury prevention training. Mark has successfully trained numerous patients whom I have seen in clinical practice and referred to him following discharge from physical therapy. I have attended many sessions with Mark while he works with these clients and seen firsthand the traits that make Mark an exceptional trainer and leader and his field. Mark has the ability to establish a meaningful rapport with clients quickly. This rapport is based upon his concern for the individual’s well-being and his emanating passion for fitness and sport training. These qualitative traits are combined with a solid fundamental and timely knowledge of training techniques. Add on Mark’s inherently creative nature, longevity in the field, and insight and design fitness equipment and you have a gifted personal trainer…and more.

– Liz Poppert DPT, MS, OCS
Adjunct Assistant Professor of Clinical Physical Therapy
Division of Biokinesiology and Physical Therapy
Herman Ostrow School of Dentistry, University of Southern California

Mark Harigian is the most innovative and creative trainer i have ever met. He always uses sound Biomechanics when designing a personalized workout program. Mark’s in home gyms are, simply put, Incredible! They are perfectly designed to be Functionally Safe and Specific to any body type. Mark has an amazing eye for detail so his gyms look like part of the room energy and architectural design. I am a Sports Chiropractor, Strength & Conditioning Specialist, Sports Nutrition Specialist and an Athlete for more than 15 years.. I say this to impress upon you the value of Mark Harigian’s work. I have no hesitation to refer any patients to him and often refer to him for new ideas in my own training. The man is Awesome in his field and takes alot of pride in his projects. I hope others pick his brain and bump their training levels to new heights. You will be satisified!!

– Dr.Greg Vanvakaris
D.C., C.S.C.S, S.N.S

“I was a young twenty-something female who had struggled with working out and body issues, etc. for a while. I also had worked out with a slew of trainers trying to find what worked and made sense…no cigar…until I met Mark! Mark Harigian totally changed the way I worked out and I still employ so many of his techniques to this day (now I’m a late twenty-something, oh yeah, still female). I came to Mark with back strain issues which I found out was due to my totally over-developed quads. By working out with Mark I realized how to work my glutes and cut down on cardio (yes, I said CUT DOWN) to achieve amazing results, a better body and no more pain! Marks the best!”

– Kate Albrecht
actress, host, designer and healthy person