Fitness shouldn’t be your life, it should enhance your life

How we optimize your fitness needs.

Starting with an initial interview, we ask you for your specific, short and long term goals. To better cater the program to your interests and needs, we will have you will fill out a nutritional and personality profile. We like to find out what recreational activites you participate in seasonally, weather it be golf, tennis, or skiing with the family. We will start together by working on specific training to enhance those experiences and lower the risk of injury.

If you have immediate needs, those will be addressed, weather it be an injury, recovering from a surgery, or just wanting to drop weight.  At Harigian Fitness we set 3 month short term goals, and then reanalyze our progress, reevalutate your body and then reasses what your next 3 month training program will be. If you’re a competitive, olympic or professional athlete looking to increase your performance level we will also analyze, correct and enhance your biomechanics in order to perform better at your specific sport.  Not only will you be trained personally, but you will be educated along the way. After 3 months you will know how to properly train yourself to avoid injuries throughout your life, and have your fundamental nutritional needs understood for your body type.

Fitness shouldn’t be your life, it should enhance your life. At Harigian Fitness we put an emphasis on being happy and healthy in the real world and not just in the gym.